Judy Niemack Wolfgang Köhler Duo

sing your song

CMN 19001
release: 01.11.2019


Dear listener,
To me, this CD is a dream come true! Since I met Judy in the late nineties when I began teaching at the Hanns Eisler Hochschule für Musik in Berlin, I’ve been thrilled to rehearse and play with such a great singer. Her phrasing, intonation and ability to improvise on the toughest chord changes are truly amazing, but her incorruptible taste is what I most admire.
Over the years, there were times when we met and played almost every week, and times when we didn’t see each other for longer stretches, but the music always felt great, and we developed quite a lot of repertoire as the years went by. Of course we often talked about recording some of our favorite tunes and arrangements, but it took some time until we finally managed to do it. We recorded everything in one long studio session, and I am very happy to present this set of musical impressions to you. I hope you enjoy it...
Wolfgang Köhler

Making music with Wolfgang has been a source of joy to me for many years. We share a passion for great songs, stories and jazz, which leads us to material that challenges and inspires us. Wolfgang’s pianistic virtuosity makes choosing any song possible, from the simplest folk song to the most complex classical piece; he combines a rich, elegant accompanying style with an open door for improvisation. What a pleasure to share this first recording of our duo with you!
Judy Niemack

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